“The essence of cinema is editing. It’s the combination of what can be extraordinary images of people during emotional moments, or images in a general sense, put together in a kind of alchemy.” -Francis Ford Coppola

RAIN ANYWAY / Post-production

Born as a human magnet, Lucien has a simple but harsh life. He secretly dreams of a life as an artist but his father doesn’t allow him to show off his magic talent. On the run and away from home, he meets a small traveling circus. There he grows up to be an artist and a man as he falls deeply in love with Gervaise, the daughter of the circus director. But when the old life calls him back, he returns home disappointed to notice that nothing is as before. He loses his talent and his taste for life. He no longer fits this world, as the world no longer fits him.

written and directed by Gust Van den Berghe

produced by Minds Meet


THE LAST FRONT / Pre-production

In the war-struck country of Belgium, one man puts up a last fight.

written and directed by Julien Kerknawi 


THE SKY WAS PINK / Post-production

Yana, a young woman from Brussels, works in the porn industry but realizes more and more that she does not belong there.

written and directed by Jules Comes

produced by Quetzalcoatl


THE ASTRONAUT / Post-production

An “astronaut” refers to an emigre from Hong Kong who maintains business ties to his homeland. Rong is an astronaut living in Belgium, his girlfriend Lisa still lives in China. Set against the backdrop of the university riots in Hong Kong, The Astronaut shows a long distance relationship being put to the test.

written and directed by Lai Kin Chang

produced by Menuetto


DE PEPERCLIP / Post-production

De Peperklip is a feel-good family documentary in which we enter the world of a young teenager who lives at the Peperklip; a residential block in a neighborhood in Rotterdam South.

written and directed by Shamira Raphaëla

produced by Tangerine Tree


THE SHAQ / Post-production

The Shaq tells the story of personal trainer Shaq, who is asked by his accountant and business partner Marnix to help him with a “problem”. When that “problem” turns out to be a dead body in the garden, Shaq wants to get away from the suspected crime scene as soon as possible. 

written and directed by Anthony Nti & Inès Eshun

produced by Caviar for VRT


DEJA-VU / Post-production

We follow Florence Fierens, a busy career woman and radio host. With her own morning show on the radio, she reaches a national audience and is committed to women’s rights and against domestic violence. However, her seemingly carefree life is turned upside down, when her 15-year-old daughter Louise unexpectedly steps out of life.

directed by Raf Reyntjens

produced by Fobic Film for Streamz Original



We get to know Riko Rotkuif. Riko used to be bullied and now wants to bully all children back by forging Sinterklaas’ book. Disguised as King Kabberdas, he infiltrates the castle of Saint Nicholas. A new Saint Nicholas adventure.

directed by Stijn Coninx

produced by Sylvester Productions



A great adventure of Captain Zeppos.

directed by Douglas Boswell

produced by Eyeworks Film