Best Screenplay/Best Debut at Istanbul Film festival

Special Mention FACE Film Award of the Council of Europe at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Hakan, a 42-year-old soldier who served as an undercover agent during the Turkish-Kurdish conflict in the 1990s, is recovering from PTSD at a military psychiatric hospital in Istanbul. There, the gentle help of nurse Ayla helps him recover from the nightmares of his haunted past. Rewarded with a Medal of Honour and some money, Hakan is discharged. Upon arriving at his deserted apartment, memories of a broken family flood his heart. The quest for his beloved daughter, Melis, confronts him with the wrongs of his horrifying past and he wanders the streets of Istanbul. An unexpected visit from Ayla sparks off his journey to find Sinan, his ex-companion. Will this encounter help Hakan to finally get a grip on his troubled life?

written and directed by Bülent Öztürk

produced by Minds Meet